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Next-designed and standard methods: rapport installation (adjustment of posture, breath), the social, barely perceptible, kinesthetics (touching) a la "cool rings, let Watch. " D: – Hey, I was pleased to talk with you, but I'm really the case. Let me leave you my number, can meet. – Good. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Chabon. Come on, I'll take you, and then suddenly freaks.

Your mother would not forgive me. D: – Okay, but only to Metro. – Of course, what else. Kinesthetics already decently: priobnimayu waist. In the face did not get the bag, so everything is OK. Exit the subway.

A: – Well, all sing, then I chapan 10 minutes – and I'm home. Call. – You want me to do "prodinamit"? Not yet will make sure you are safe, I will not leave. D: – No! You are not well understood. – On the road oprovergnesh. Near the entrance. A: – Well, I'll go. – Do not even kiss goodbye? D: – The cheek! – Of course. Kiss on the left, to the right, then I say, "Your turn." Kisses on the cheek, I greatly expand, and it falls awkwardly on the lips. They stood for about 5 minutes, then take a side, said: "Pauline, let's go, I'm already home, spend, and go. I, too, the case "- lowering the value and herring on the topic" I want to you go home. " We're going to lift hard kinesthetics. Near the door is the same. We see that the girl start. – If you uncomfortable, you say so.


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