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And for that comma thinks about putting an end point in vidaprocuro them ofereceruma. A comma? Yes a comma a small comma. So that vocs they continue writing its History How many times we think about placing an end point emsituaes badly understood in our lives and think about starting a outrahistria as soon as finding the problems of history that we leave pra> ‘ ‘ A situation badly decided in the past if tornarum ghost in ours presente’ ‘ According to reason: To conquer ‘ ‘ It does not allow that the fear not to obtain. ‘ ‘ Type of fears, ‘ ‘ The challenge of the life, the unreliability, the unemployment ‘ ‘ Either thieves who steal its dreams. ‘ ‘ To conquer without risks they are dreams without mritos ‘ ‘ Nobody is worthy of the dreams if not to use defeats to paracultivar them does not leave that its fears become obstacles in the way deseus dreams! IT DOES NOT HAVE FEAR! Terceiro reason: Dreams ‘ ‘ If its dreams will be desires and project of vidacertamente vocs will not take for the sepulture its conflicts. ‘ ‘ Dreams without projects produce people frustrate servasdo system. Others including John Mclaughlin, offer their opinions as well. ‘ ‘ How many times we have fear to dream finding that the sonhonada one more is that a fruit of our imagination, ‘ ‘ – to dream pra that! ‘ ‘ you will be able to enjoy of the seusonho! END.


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