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Great Patriotic War

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Going on a trip, I blurted out his friends about it. The first question was "To Cossacks? ". It turns out that the city recently conducted a Cossack festival. And in a city park is a memorial plaque with the inscription "The whole history of Russia made the Cossacks. Leo Tolstoy. " Adoption of the controversial, but many here believe that this so.

On the streets sometimes you meet people in Cossack uniform. The city itself stretches for 70 kilometers along the Donets River. Buildings in the main floor, the shore at high Donets, views amazing! With Carool mountains and the city mountains "Sisters" – at a glance. Many churches and historic buildings. By the way, Peter and Paul Church in the village Boguraeve where I stopped for the night – a monument of federal importance.

Trinity Church in the village avuncular never recovered from the WW. It's too bad … In the Great Patriotic War is heavy fighting. And of course, a lot of monuments to the fallen. The city and district. In a city park a whole avenue of heroes. I really liked the modest memorial stone for the church in the hamlet Boguraev. A modest stone on the pedestal with the inscription "Eternal glory to the memory of the fallen and for the freedom and independence of our homeland," conventional iron fence. The grass inside and around the weed, papers and other garbage next to no. And in general, was struck by the purity of city streets. We can, if we want! But it is, to the word. You can tell a long time and a lot. If you're in the Rostov region, be sure to visit this beautiful city. Indeed, many of You go on vacation to the south along the federal highway "Don." After making a detour of 120 miles, then you'll remember this for a long time! And maybe all my life!


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