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Greatest Hands

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I believe that together with other necessary components of the 'image of the bedroom' can and should be used as a basis for working out some other skills as a platform to build your dream body and a springboard to enter into the second attention. So do not ignore This, as many believe, boring place. Now, briefly consider the method of 'look at his hands. Frequently US Senator from Vermont has said that publicly. " Now there are many opinions about this method, but for me personally, it seems that many underestimate him in vain, or even dismissed as 'outdated' or 'complex in execution' and therefore miss some important things. I want to draw attention to two of them – to activate a particular perceptual pattern and direction of attention to interaction with the external space. What I mean by this? Under the perceptual template, I mean to stack 'head-arm-chest', which supports our focus and automatically re-creates the dream (Practitioners often point out the fact that the arms and head are usually the first 'stand' for 'exit from the body').

Perhaps this situation is related to well-defined paths of distribution of attention, which is kept under our perception, it is this design requires the greatest attraction of active attention in our lives. It is also important that your hands are one of the most active elements by which we have contacts and cognize the world around us, direct their attention outward. We always correlate with the movement of the hands of line of sight, with their help we are most actively engaged with the outside world, express our emotions and thoughts that continually test the world of reality.


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