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Guaviare Cocaine

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In May of 2000, the organisms of security of the CRAF accused of the expedition of special permissions to the basic cocaine buyers at the same time to enter the zone of distension and the imposition of the prices of the sales. In 2000 Colombia there were than 400,000 hectares dedicated more to the cocaine, which resists the eradication efforts and leaving the size of the cocaine cultures without changes, in agreement with the United Nations estimations. In that year, the cocaine culture in the clearing, the CRAF until the old zone demilitarized (clearing) of its official dissolution in February of 2002, increased of 6,000 hectares to 7,900 hectares, in agreement with the Embassy of the EE.UU. This area represented the 6 percent of the total of the Colombian cultures. Most of the increase was the result of the expansion in the part of the Guaviare, zone of culture that extended in the clearing, whereas the zone of the Macarena, that is totally within the ex- enclave of the CRAF, only increased in 300 hectares.

General Gustavo Socha, Antinarcotic director of the Police, was mentioned by the Service of Monitoring of the BBC in the middle of March of 2002, indicating: In this zone of Vistahermosa, Plateaus and San Vicente and in all the ex- zone of distension generally, and unique of cocaine leaf was not transferred without the approval of the guerrilla. What it really attracted our attention was the fact that the increase of the amount of seeded earth took place relatively near the municipalities on which there were very strict of control. Therefore, they are demonstrating that what is always said in relation with the increase of the production and on the participation of the CRAF in the business is certain. The air reconnaissance located to about 30 runways in the zone of distension. General Socha indicated that the guerrilla was preparation the runways to give capacity to different types from airships.


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