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When I was small I had a dog, a guy gave me, I myself take it home inside a shoe box. When we toured all over the place, I smell and I pee up marking new territory. Shortly after that animal from just over 7 weeks of life became my best friend played, were, we did everything, and it was not necessary to take a walk because by that time the houses were huge (although I think that I was small) the truth is that in the courtyard we played until now not being able to. After 2 days of your stay in your new home we decided to call it bear I think it was by his great coat and his character, at least so said my mom. Thanks to him I realized that it is not so bad to scraped knees to fall, and only just lifted, cleaned and continue playing.

I remember that his favorite toy was a ball that I myself had done with a few old rags tied with a Ribbon. It was not an exemplary pupfish, now I remember that time I Hamster legs of chairs and my mom gave him a thrashing with a few newspapers, that animal only under his head and then ran crying I wanted to comfort him but my mother said that I had to learn things that one can remember () is curious, but casting a glance to the past even now, I see him moving the queue to see me arrive from school, I still remember his gaze once my mom corrected, I still remember the box of my skipper affidavits bed and above all still remember the day my MOM the gift. Search by all sides, with the hopes of finding it, but it was not. Got me so many excuses that I remember, the truth is that after all this time I’ll never forget my first dog. The best friend of a 6 year old that friend of 7 weeks of life that taught me to not mourn more falls, which taught me obedience, loyalty, and that changed my life. Now reading the words of Mr. Owen W. I think that he is right.

A dog does not want luxury cars, large houses, nor designer clothes, with a rod will feel happy. A dog does not care if you’re rich or poor, smart or clumsy, ready or silly. Give your heart and he will give you yours. Of how many people can say that? How many people can make you feel unique, pure, special? How much people can make you feel special?


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