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Holland Activists

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The group transferred its official residence to Holland in 2006, supposedly to save a part of the taxes that had to pay. A group that protests against the fiscal evasion of the artists glides to protest during the action of U2 in the musical festival of Glastonbury. A militant group against the evasion of taxes glides to disturb this Friday the action of the U2 band in the famous musical festival of Glastonbury, in the English county of Somerset, with an action of censorship towards the leader of the group, Bond. In recent months, novelist has been very successful. Indignant by the decision of the Irish group to transfer his fiscal residence to Holland in 2006 with the apparent aim of it would save taxes, the group Art Uncut, that protests against the fiscal evasion of the artists, will send a globe with the words: " Bond, pays what debes" . " Art Uncut" it was created initially to protest against the reduction of the subsidys to the culture on the part of the present coalition conservative-liberaldemcrata of David Cameron. Will Claymore, that coordinates the protests of the group in its vestibule of Internet, insists on which no they want to cause violence in Glastonbury, but that Bond sees the message.

According to the newspaper The Times, the band Chumbawamba anarchist will also criticize to the leader of U2 taking in the scene t-shirts with the words: " Decid not to Bono". " One would wait for another Bond thing. If it were some type dedicated to the bottoms of high risk he would be different. But it is a brazenness to be conceited of dnsor of the poor men and pressed and to dedicate itself to evade impuestos" , criticism the singer Jude Abbott. Bond, known by its campaigns in favor of the world-wide poverty, is dndido of its critics arguing who its band already pays million dollars of taxes. The four members of U2 are the musicians who win anywhere in the world and own a total fortune more, according to The Times, of 455 million pounds (514 million Euros or 731 million dollars).

Its tour number 360, that was developed in more than a dozen of cities and that cost to organize about 100 million dollars, generated income of 558 million dollars. Another successful and rich band that will act east aim of week in the farm of Somerset where it is celebrated the festival is Coldplay, of whose Alive album the Life 6.8 million unit in 2008 were sold, which constituted an authentic record. The two bands do not like too many mutual, and thus two years ago, Bond was forced to apologize to call " cretino" to Chris Martin, the leader of Coldplay, in one it interviews wireless. In declarations to a magazine, Martin, who is married with the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, boasted of this week to remove &quot at least to him; pie" of stature to U2. Source of the news: Activists against the evasion of taxes, faced U2


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