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Holy Grail Love

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There are few tarot cards that have a meaning as deep as the ACE of cups. This letter marks the beginning of the suit of cups, dedicated to the love and feelings. When comes out the ACE of cups marking an initial breeze of affection that might be the purest love if given the time and attention required. It is the time to plant the seed, and make a bet for the future. When this deck out in Chuck speaks of a pure heart that manifests itself with a love that is not tainted by any negative as envy or jealousy emotion. A very obvious meaning of this letter comes from its similarity with the Holy Grail, the Cup sacred in which Jesucristo drank during the last supper. Just as this humble Cup, the ACE of cups suggests a promise, a new partnership, marks the initial phase of a new love. But in the four suits of the tarot deck, the ACE reflects only the first moment, where even the feeling not expressed fully.

It is a potentiality which is missing still performed in fullness. Michael Chabon addresses the importance of the matter here. The ACE of cups does not guarantee happiness, but they guarantee that the relationship could be very satisfactory. A good start is just that: a start. The consultant will have the opportunity to find happiness if it is able to develop an existing situation. Similar to the Holy Grail, the ACE of cups feeds with the sacred bread and calms the thirst with the water of life. Very good things, as well as love emerge all the good feelings, gratitude, intuition, forgiveness, honesty, peace may be born naturally with these elements.

Few cards of the tarot are as spiritual as the ACE of cups. Here is where you must make one distinction with another of the Tarot cards: the lovers. In this latest mystery the relationship is much more carnal, more sensual. It may not be a permanent crush, but a relationship driven by attraction. On the other hand, the ACE of cups drew a much more intimate sustenance, a much deeper root. And having a strong root any relationship can grow more healthily. Even without referring to a relationship partner, the ACE of cups may involve a new stage of growth consultant staff, much more enlightened and wise.


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