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Cocido madrileno is the best-known dish from the community of Madrid and of all Spain. Casa Carola is one of the best restaurants of cocido madrileno, they are experts in their preparation. By 25euros you can enjoy one of the best Madrid cooked in the capital. Cocido madrileno is different in each House, some spoil you this and others miss the other, but the essence never changes. The basic ingredients of the stew are: noodles, chickpeas, chicken or chicken, bacon, chorizo, morcillo, bone of ham, cabbage, garlic, olive oil and salt, potato, carrot, and some throw blood sausage and chorizo.

The preparation faster and easier is to place all the ingredients in a pot of espresso with water and that Cook between forty and fifty minutes. Then there are the followers of the traditional who prefer to observe the optimal cooking times of each ingredient, and then join them, so to mix flavors and each this elements in its fair point. In Casa Carola, enjoy a cocido madrileno full with 29 euros of budget, but worth it, even for the experience of using a bib, which you can take it home as a souvenir after. Ask food in an establishment for then it is common to eat in our own House, especially if it’s fast food, but ordered a traditional platter of cocido madrileno is not very common. Casa Carola on your bar can ask for and collect the Cook from Madrid to eat it at home. That is another of the particularities which has this restaurant cheap in Madrid, very simple in appearance, but which houses much wealth in their dishes.


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