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There are many perspectives to define and achieve goals, many of them based on perseverance, righteousness, or hard work. On the other hand, few proposed a simple but effective methodology that takes us quickly from where we are to where we want to arrive. Remember that your life has no limits, except those that you yourself want to impose. Change of perspective in this article I propose a change of perspective on how to achieve goals. In general, we tend to believe that reaching a goal takes time and effort, move through the road that separates us from our goal to give you scope. In this article, we will understand that pass from the point (origin) to point B (goal or destination), is simply embody and live in point B from a good beginning. We will continue, therefore, the following maximum: the faster and more efficient way to achieve a goal, is to live as if we had already given him scope put an example. If we have 20 kg.

overweight, and we want to get in shape, what is the quickest and easiest way? If We will continue with the mentality that we have now, the mentality of the starting point, surely will not do much exercise, or care for our diet. If we do so, it is probable that us won’t, because we need to adapt the mentality. Instead, if we adopt the mentality of someone who cares for your diet and exercising regularly, someone who would already be found at point B, what we will be seeking is directly changing the mindset, much before starting work in the physical exercise or diet, we already assume the principles and values of a person who cares for your weightby who from the outset will be living as if already we had reached our goal. This methodology frees us from the desire to reach our goal, as we adopt the attitude of having given reach our goal much until this occurs, and therefore we will develop the new mentality without the pressure of having to pursue the goal.


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