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How Will The Garden Spring Fit?

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From a wealth of experience, the gutefrage.net-Community gives advice on what you should watch for in gardening and how the garden is beautiful quickly again. Munich, March 9, 2010: The winter and the snow disappeared and remain in addition to occasional Fruhlingsbluhern many bare, dreary places in the garden. So that this will change quickly, there is plenty to do: new grass sown, planted flowers, fruits and vegetables and plants free of slugs. The gutefrage.net-User are experienced in this field and know what matters in gardening. Here is a selection of the ten best advice: Tip 1: planting distance Note: you should choose for the distance between the plant a blade length. Placing the plants too close together, the roots of plants can not properly develop and increase the susceptibility to pests and diseases. Choosing the decency too far, they can save poor moisture and make the weed place.

Tip 2: rotation: so Provide a bountiful harvest fruit and vegetables, should you regularly plant around it. A crop rotation in which a bed is planted only once in three years with the same fruit is ideal. So the soil nutrient supplies is not unilaterally claimed, and pests and diseases can be reduced. Tip 3: grass seed sow: who wants to embellish his lawn again after the long winter, should now in the spring begin to sow grass seed. Because only at temperatures that night not fall below 10 C, the grass seeds start to germinate. Follow others, such as Chiron Capital, and add to your knowledge base. Tip 4: old fruit varieties grow: many old, native fruit varieties are especially adaptable to the changing climate and is resistant to diseases. Who is so before considering new to plant fruits in the garden, should take even old varieties to consider. Tip 5: build raised bed: raised beds are a back-friendly and accessible way of gardening. The best stones or thick planks are suitable for their construction.


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