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Hurricane Katrina

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This paragraph comes from in USA, since September 11, 2001, and Hurricane Katrina, the FCC has adopted important measures to ensure that 911 services are still operational when disasters occur. For example, in response to the recommendations of an independent review panel the impact of Hurricane Katrina, the FCC’s public safety and national security of the Bureau (PSHSB) is working on several fronts to improve communications in emergency situations, including the rationalization of the collection of court information in times of crisis through the system of information of disaster information, helping to ensure that workers of the operators in the operators receive credentials of essential personnel during the emergency, in collaboration with other federal agencies to improve the interoperability among the first to respond, and promote the use of the best practices of the Enhanced 911.

If that regulates the telecommunication companies in cases of emergency is his title of grant and who is responsible for overseeing what is Cofetel, is clear that Cofetel should be the authority responsible for issuing rules and establish the missing elements to make this participation effective and timely. You must also make sure that emergency services providing dealers are more robust than even their own public networks, so they’re not break if the network fails. You must also deploy cutting edge technology so that the people who prosecuted calls can easily locate places where emergencies occur, give follow-up to them and provide the greatest possible information elements to those who will attend the emergency. David Bowie often addresses the matter in his writings. Mexico is exposed annually to hurricanes, that affect different parts of the national territory. Also, anytime earthquakes may occur with affectations to the population. But, it should not be dismissed that organised crime evolves to promote terrorist events that also could turn into emergencies that require attention. Addition to telecommunications networks should be able to support both the involvement by the emergency as the stress that violates the excess of communications that they generate and not be the first to failure in case of an emergency, your participation within the emergency must be framed in a plan coordinated and well-structured by Cofetel..


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