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Reading the Tarot cards is a ritual that leads to a connection with something that is not obvious to the eyes, something that is beyond the senses of perception that we normally use. Not in vain, whoever the tarot reading professionally must have a gift of birth that allows you to see beyond the obvious. But this is not the only condition, also requires many years of study and research on the various meanings and symbolism present in the Tarot cards. Tarot reading should not be trivialized. Human beings often have the habit of playing or not seriously treated powers that be may not have much notion of its true importance. And if there is something with what should not gamble with the destination message. For this reason, tarot reading requires special preparation for part of who performs the query. Firstly, great concentration, is necessary to be clear what will they attend the session.

Prepare a list of questions in advance is not bad idea. Whether it’s a query personal, such as a telephone, the important thing is letting anxiety side, clean the heart and soul of negative feelings, and have as someone who goes to see a work of art: may like what you see or not. I.e., not always the Tarots tell us what they want to hear, but it is necessary to have sufficient mental breadth to take full advantage of the reading of the letters, and, if reading us is not favourable, not despair. The plan of the creator perhaps different to what we want for our lives. But we can take advantage of negative readings to understand what lies ahead and prepare ourselves to make the least possible negative impact of shocks. The reading of the letters brings closer us to a State superior awareness. It should not be forgotten that in its origins, tarot was a gift from the gods to the Egyptian people, to be able to communicate with deities existing in other planes of consciousness. Consequently, when we do the reading, is convenient to prepare with an attitude of respect, since we are making use of a path of contact with things that do not We always understand. Jesus Morrison original author and source of the article


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