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The Brady Bodenmarkierer ToughStripe series are available at macro IDENT, the famous Brady distributor for the European area the Brady ToughStripe floor markers are a complete range of marks from a rugged polyester (material B-514). They are ideal for marking aisles, passageways, warehouses or to indicate important safety and escape routes. Have responded with the development of ToughStripe on the frequent demands from the market, need very robust and permanently adhesive markers. At the same time, these should be clearly visible and noticeable. ToughStripe’s new series meets the conditions for a reliable ground marking anyway. The floor markings are easily applied on the ground. The strong polyester B-514 on a substrate prevents expands the band or shaft fails. Without hesitation Guitarist explained all about the problem. First, the surface must be cleaned of course.

The band, arrows, footprints, etc. on the surface is then applied simply. The Brady ToughStripe Floor markings are available as solid color and 2-color bands in the colours black, white, red, green, blue, Orange and yellow or black/yellow, red/white and black/white. Equally there are points, arrows, footprints, markings in L -, T -, and cross-shape in the mentioned solid colors. The Bodenmarkierer should be applied at least 5 C at the bottom.

The operating temperature of the polyester is-18 C to + 54 C. The material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand aggressive chemicals. You also exceed the safety standards for clean, dry, non-slip surfaces according to ANSI A1264. 2 2006 and OSHA 1910.22. the ToughStripe Bodenmarkierer are extremely durable due to the very strong adhesive tapes, arrows, footprints etc. and the thickness of 0.2 mm. You don’t dissolve, not tear and are resistant to scratches, even with frequent forklift traffic. A stress test with a forklift truck, showed that the Floor marking tape is not torn or moves on the spot. Despite this high durability, floor marking tapes and ground markings can be very easy to remove without damage the floor or leave glue residue. Should be removed, for example, in the case of a revised plan of escape the mark, then this can be done very simply, without patches, glue residue or damage. Thus, you have more flexibility in the design of the ground marking, which is important in environments in which, for example, lean management is required. ToughStripe creates a good visibility thanks to the surface of high-gloss. The ultra thin material also prevents dirt on the margin deposited. The smooth surface is insensitive for traces and spots and can be easily cleaned. Therefore, the Bodenmarkierer ToughStripe are an excellent solution for an effective marker in warehouses and distribution centers, factories and factories, laboratories and hospitals. In addition to the marking of routes, jobs with heavy traffic and loading and off loading zones is to insert the new development also in the area of fire protection.


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