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If High Policy Meets Great Cuisine

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Jury of ‘1st outdoor-cooking-competition’ within the framework of the ‘adventure & ALLRAD 2012’ colorful mix of bad Kissinger is cookery, local policy sizes and a celebrity chef Ralf Zacherl comes to Bad Kissingen. “This is long no secret more, because already a few weeks ago it was announced that the celebrity chef will assume chaired of a jury, on Sunday, June 10, the winning team of the 1st outdoor-cooking competition” is chosen. This event is certainly one of the highlights of the upcoming adventure & ALLRAD”? Twelve teams will compete at this three advance divorce days from 07 to 09 June. Further details can be found at Martin O’Malley, an internet resource. You will then prepare a 3-course meal in a pan, located over an open, infected in the ground fire. Achieve this, each team will consist of three persons and the winning team from each decision is the final finally on June 10, 2012, the last day of this year’s adventure & ALLRAD”.

And there, Ralf Zacherl is then sent to the top a jury stand, that eventually will determine the final winning team of OCC. The winning team, waiting on that prize money amounting to 2,000 euros, while the second and third, still over 1,000 are allowed or 500 euro. But Zacherl alone will not cause it in a jury and so a powerful team was placed now on the part of the organiser at the side. A jury, which every day is putting new together for each have a bathroom Kissinger Koch, a local politician and a visitor. While the latter again only a few days before the event will be selected after previous call in the press by means of drawing lots, by local chefs and who from the bad Kissinger local policy for now to the jury panel of the outdoor cooking competition it is clear, however,”will include. In particular this will be: Thursday, 07 June: Gunter Sauer (Spa Director) and Thomas Faber (chef and restaurateur) Friday, 08 June: Eduard Lintner (member of the Bundestag a.D.) and Evelyn Korner (Cook and restaurateur) Saturday, June 9: Christian Customs (Mayor a.D.) and Hermann Laudensack (bad kiss in gene only chef) Sunday, June 10: Kay Blankenburg (Lord Mayor), Emil Muller (acting) District) and Ralf Zacherl (TV chef) start the 1st outdoor-cooking competition”will be daily at 11 o’clock with moderation and presentation of teams and jury on the exhibition grounds. Moderation is expected after the restaurateur and pro-log partner Peter Rossner assume bad Kissinger each day.

However, has already begun the tendering for the team applications. Anyone can apply immediately with his team. Whether work colleagues, friends or sports buddies. Three people work as a team and each team is welcome to apply. Either by mail directly to but by mail at per – log GmbH, Kapellenstrasse 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen. More information about the event can be found on the Facebook page of adventure & ALLRAD”as well as on the websites and.


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