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This means that "chetyrehmertsy" as well all-powerful in relation to us, as we – in relation to "dvumertsam." And now some information for thought: The fact that we are living in a third dimension and therefore look at it from the "inside" our world volume we see in flat. It sounds paradoxical, but place a sheet of paper marked on it Ploskatiey and all its inhabitants exactly at eye level – and for a moment you will feel the tragedy ploskatikov doomed to live in two dimensions, but feel only one. After all, to see the shape – a square is, the circle, they need a little "pop" out of his plane. But this is impossible, and that's why the whole world they perceive as priryvistuyu straight line. We can only get around a figure of all sides and felt it, that would understand its shape. So if you and I have come far from ploskatikov? Exactly one dimension! Here's a simple example: Dan closed curve – a circle or square. Required purely speculative, without pencil and paper, decide whether you can connect two points – one inside the curve, and the other outside it, but so as not to cross the closed curve. Before reading further, mentally answer that question yourself! Imagine that elementary chertezhik and a little reflection, we confidently assert that the task impossible. This triggered the regulatory function of the imagination. The fact that our "inner eye" is a Euclidean plane – a sheet of paper.


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