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The incredible popularity of holidays in China, especially known for the island of Hainan is famous for its wellness clinics, staffed by physicians who own the ancient techniques. The average annual temperature With 24 air, water 26 C, it allows the rest of China all year round. Air Seychelles t +30 C +28 C t Water Road: plane about 9 hours (from Moscow). The most romantic and secluded spot on the world tourist map. Clean and quiet Ocean.

Water and air temperatures from November through April 30. (Hotel 5 * Round Island Resort – 10 luxury chalets with private pool and ‘slice’ the beach). In March! Cuba t air with 24 t of water 23 from the road: by plane about 14 hours (from Moscow). On Liberty Island resorts are many, but most popular is the Varadero. To feel all the charm of rest, it is better to come here in March or April.

At this time in Cuba there are no heavy rains or hurricanes, nor too humid and hot weather. Temperature is about +25-28 C – is perfect for a beach holiday. Another plus in favor of the holiday in Cuba – visa-free entry for citizens of Russia. Dominican Republic t air +30 C 26 t of water from the road: by plane about 12 hours (from Moscow). Coast Dominican Republic is famous for its ‘colorful’ beaches: in the east of the sand white, the north – the gold in the west – silver.


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