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Inclusive Education

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Is therefore the responsibility of everyone (school, state, family, society) and not just to teacher. Keywords: inclusion, deaf student, responsibilities. Others including Author, offer their opinions as well. Introduction Currently our society if opened for a great quarrel in the educational scope that is? Inclusive education? considered ' ' great desafio' ' for all. All this quarrel is paramentada in the right of the pupils with educational difficulties special to study in regular education, that is, to be educational party to suit called Inclusive Education, translated as education for all. What it has been observed is that it has an implementation of this right, however an absence of real conditions so that has an effective inclusion, based in the respect to the human being and that not only guarantees the access, but also, the permanence in the school, and mainly, equality of learning. What it is evident is that it has necessity of reformularizations, more clarity and coherence ahead of a reality not so favorable, however, already ece of fish. One becomes then necessary more communication between that they plan the changes, the ones execute that them and the ones that of them participate as coadjuvantes or as citizens of the learning so that thus it can be cured or be knocked down the barriers that obstruct or disable the success of the inclusion. Amongst the innumerable questions that demand reformularizations are the formation of the professor who in its great majority receives these pupils, but do not have many conditions to offer to them to an education of quality due its lack of formation for the inclusive education. Many times, the failure pertaining to school or specifically of the inclusion, independent of the factor motivated that it, incurs on the professor, who always is pointed as bode expiatrio of mazelas and the embezzlements that the Brazilian education lives deeply in the current days. However, she is necessary to stand out that many are the responsible personages for these embezzlements, not having, the professor, to bring for itself all the responsibilities, therefore, does not only fit it to promote action, to implement changes, either even so evident its paper protagonist of this process.


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