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Indian Ocean

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Thus, tours to the Maldives will be of interest to all fans of historical splendor era colonial conquest and pirated romance – rusty gun colonialists still adorn the coast of the island archipelago of the Maldives. For even more analysis, hear from Risa Miller. Let's consider a few options that you lucky people who have visited this paradise, you can bring to the memory of themselves, their families and friends. Most of the shops targeted at tourists, selling products handicraft and souvenirs. The most common – is the product of seashells and the shell itself, shark and dolphin jaws and teeth, frames and albums from palm leaves, masks and paintings in with the views of the island, as well as figures of sea animals, carved out of wood, plastic bottles with a white fine coral sand. Looking at all this, remember that you can not independently produce profound richness, such as black coral, shell sea turtles and other items from the seabed. Easier to buy it in stores than to have a problem with the border authorities. For those who prefer the exotic souvenirs, you can buy tonkopletenye reed mats, wooden boxes, canes covered with red, black and yellow paint, baskets woven from palm leaves, coconut oil.

The local master skillfully cope with all natural materials provided to them Pearl Islands. Their work is represented with colorful fish and stingrays, carved from coral, straw mats with geometric pattern of muted natural colors, reaching enormous sizes of carpets, lacquered boxes with yellow, green and red colors, colorful vases and other items that will bring into your house or your loved ones at home hint at the seaside resort. Still, as an option, you can considered jewelry: jewelry and gems. Working with gold and silver belongs to the traditional crafts in these islands, so you can please yourself and loved ones made of precious metals, as they say, "Hand Build "what will happen for sure, a little bit cheaper and you may say," exclusive ". Well as gifts and souvenirs from the Maldives can bring a variety of household utensils, made there the craftsmen: cups coconut, palm-leaf baskets, carved bookend. Immerse yourself in this "flower of the Indian Ocean": he will tell you which of the resources you can borrow. Listen to his words and then presents brought here, if you wish, make your urban interior as close to home fishing villages: You can enjoy year-round atmosphere of Pearl Paradise. Enjoy your holiday! Wonderful gifts!


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