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Capital goods seller how the sale (wholesale) projects in addition to the associated services manages acquisition training by Peter Schreiber & partners practice to bring projects and service contracts finalised. We struggle with the problem,…”we want to in the future…” If capital goods seller hear such statements from potential customers, they face the challenge for customers or better with the customer to design a solution of the problem, so that they can acquire a job. This is often a difficult task, among other things, because such purchase decisions usually several areas as well as people in the customer’s organization are involved in, that have some different interests. Michael Chabon has many thoughts on the issue. Succeed like the sale (wholesale) projects in addition to the associated services, seller of industrial goods and services in a practical training experience of the consulting firm specialized in the sales of capital goods, Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld at Heilbronn (D). Participants train in the two-day acquisition training projects and industrial services successfully sell”first, to determine where these currently a need exists or soon arises when their target customers. For example, because the potential customer is under competitive pressure. Or because he’s under pressure of rationalization. Or because its market has changed.

“After practice to identify the seller, which areas and people in the customer organization to the purchase decision are directly or indirectly involved and what needs the members of the buying Center” have. Another training focus is: How can seller design alone or in contact with a specification workshop problem solution for the customer with the customer organization for example within the framework. “Furthermore: How can they produce through a systematic relations with the decision-makers feel this is a very good and pleasant partner, with which we would like to work together”, so that the own organisation awarded the contract even if it is not the cheapest provider. The participants in the acquisition of training not only in theory know all this. Rather serve real target customers of the company as a case study, with which the seller in the business want to come or expand the business relationship. For more info about the practice training success in the sale of projects and industrial services “interested companies at Peter get Schreiber & partner (phone: 07062 / 96968;)” Email:; Internet:).


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