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In this article we will discuss two main issues: how to influence people, and what we communicate training and training lie. So, why would we be able to influence people? Let us imagine two situations. Under most conditions John Mclaughlin would agree. At first, we – a log of wood, thick, wet. We are moving on the river, totally dependent on her current, rapids, turns, falls. And shall we …., Where, why. When will the rain drops on our side whipped when caught thresholds, we strike the sharp edge of that back. From this form scratches, grooves and wounds. We can put in the swamp, and it will become our haven …

Good prospects. In the second situation, imagine a beautiful ship with white sails. You – captain of this ship. You type a command to decide who will take with him, and whom to leave behind. You decide where you would like to visit and decide the route … This metaphor emphasizes well the main thing – if you can influence, then you know how to manage people …, the situation with their lives … How can it learn? Impact on people is inextricably linked to communication. That’s the first skill that we need – communication.

His subtlety can be learned from books or visit the training of communication. The difference between these sources of information that the training you will receive communication skills, to practice on human beings, and the books you will receive a theoretical material that is not always available is set out, especially in the scientific interpretation, and sometimes do not understand how to use it in practice. The ability to communicate, to build cooperation with the person – it is part of the case. We need more! We want to succeed, to be stronger, more successful than others. We want to know how to influence people, and to avoid outside influence. This suggests another very useful skill – the impact. There are lots of practical things you can do to protect themselves from manipulation and influence people. To take some of them you can visit the training effect of training or protection against manipulation. It would be nice to be insightful, to learn how to expose the liars and those who try to cheat us, add a tools weapons, allowing them to determine what we’re lying. That’s another skill, acumen. Accordingly, it is necessary to visit the training or coaching acumen lies. It will be taught how to understand the micro-features that person is lying, tell about the psychology of lies and liars, so teach to ask questions to people willy-nilly gave honest answers. Will be taught how to expose a liar, and how to make it an ally. Thus, all those who dream able to influence people, training of lies will provide invaluable service! A passing of the above training together, you will have all the skills that will give you strength and will be influential in communication, confident, and successful in life man!


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