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Now is the right time in terms of ROI on the test bench to critically make traditional human resources development armies of consultants have in recent decades in the production and service sectors in almost all companies make more efficient processes and worked on the cost leadership of the company. Often at the same time, but also in the Terminal, the administrations have been optimized business-side. The significant cost – but also a success factor for any company has been but not in the proper dimensions in the focus in the past. The factor of production man and staff development! Especially when you look at the executives of all levels of a company, is often clearly was investing especially in periods of economic boom in the development of executives. This budget but in times of crisis most likely were the red pencil to the victims.

To save here is however about as efficient as it would stop the clock to save time. Grade in times of crisis should be in the HR development counter-cyclically think and invest in order to strengthen the employee identification with the company even in difficult times and painful decisions by targeted personnel development. Employee satisfaction in the crisis to strengthen in order to avoid the costly turnover of key personnel so that in the company during the crisis and in particular also danach-is the ideal team for the maximum benefit available. Traditional human resources development from the point of view now is the right time to critical ROI on the test bench and in human resources development sustainable target to use the investment to make so the management fit for the future. It should be noted that executives are more than the sum of their abilities. Deficits are still too often individual enterprise executives training HR managers, both of the leaders even as a singular measure to eliminate understood. The so-called time-management seminars are a typical example here. Often, executives with chronic pressure of time attend these seminars and get basic skills conveys appropriate to divide the time.

This could save as much time in the profession if the leadership in the context of their task would be binding, would apply more reliable arrangements, or even faster would come to the point. Modern personnel development therefore an integrated look at executives of all levels with views of the aspired development and promotes the development of personality. Holistic personal development is continuous process understanding, which defines listed by personal development goals, including the Manager of the company, determines appropriate development measures to achieve targets together with the leadership and continuously measured to assess the success of these measures in the course of time. Thus this development Executive successful at short notice the cumverbis Academy in Dresden, Germany in cooperation with the INN Valley Institute offers the training to the NLP practitioner business-applications – or designed with the human resources development company-specific training with the following objectives for the participants: you develop your skills for effective communication: you can easier contact. Talk to customers and > employees in “their” language. They argue more persuasive presentations and customer and employee interviews. You optimize your leadership skills: visionary agree targets and results-oriented. Imagine a strengths and peculiarities of your partner. You can motivate more targeted. You deal with resistance easier. You negotiate more effectively: they argue goal – and partner-oriented. You recognize individual benefit performances. You differentiate between need and desire. You improve your self management: think and act goal-oriented. Increase your creativity and flexibility. For more information: Peter Munnich


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