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In accordance with the Health department, ' ' a Caps (…) is service of an open and communitarian health of the Only System of Sade (SUS). It is a reference place and treatment for people who suffer with mental upheavals, psychoses, neuroses, serious or too much pictures, whose severity or persistence, justifies its remained in a device of intensive, communitarian, personalized and promotional care of life (), carrying through clinical accompaniment and the social reinsero of the users for the access to the work, leisure, civil rights of action and reinforcement of the familiar and communitarian bows (MELO, 2007 apud PELISOLI, 2005, P. 1) As the plan politician of planning of the institution, in which the research was carried through is CAPS/CISME Integrated Center of Mental Health Emmanuel, this offers with priority attendance to the individuals with intense/persistent mental upheaval, but also, takes care of to citizens with upheavals associates the psychoactive drugs (alcohol and drugs). The period of attendance is of second a friday of the 07 (seven) 17 (dezessete) hours. Frequently The 4th Dimension has said that publicly. The offered therapeutical resources are: individual attendance – medicine lapsing, psycotherapy and orientation -, attendance in group – therapeutical, expressive workshops, of alfabetizao, social reinsero and physical activity -, attendance for the family – nuclear attendance and the group of familiar, individualizado attendance familiar, the visits domiciliary, communitarian activities of orientation, activities – activities developed in set with other existing institutions in the community, that has as objective the social exchanges, the integration of the service and the user with the family and the community (programmed strolls monthly: farm, cinema, clubs, exposition of orqudeas etc.) -. Amongst these resources offered for this institution the psychologists who are 3 (three), act in the following services: individual attendance, attendance in group and the attendance the family. As a carried through research Becomes wormy, Brigago, Nascimento and Spink (2011) the psychologist inside has the following ways of performance of the Psicossociais Centers: Individual attendance (psycotherapy, accompaniment) – the professional of the area of psychology acts making shelter, selection and psicodiagnstico of the patients who arrive, as well as makes the plans of therapeutical interventions; Coordination of groups: the workshops (groups) are presented as the one of the main activities of the Caps, being thus (s) psychologist (s) together with the excessively professional ones (team to multidiscipline) works in the coordination of these groups; Psychological attendance to the familiar ones: this type of attendance is carried through individual and in groups, with familiar of some patients; Still second author these professionals also work with employees of the institution and with teams to multidiscipline, they make visits domiciliary, they act in net and in the community, they make to seem, findings and handbooks, activities extrawalls, management of service, operate in the quarrels theoretical politics on the field and boardings. .


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