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Email marketing is often the second place to the search of commercialization like means most effective tactics of marketing in line. The downtime of a message of electronic mail is short (that is to say, seconds or minutes) in comparison with an announcement by mail (that is to say, one or more days). You may wish to learn more. If so, Novelist is the place to go. An advertiser is in conditions of " empujar" the message to its hearing, in contrast to the Web site based on the publicity, that is based on a client to visit that Web site. The messages of electronic mail are easy to rake. An advertiser can realise a pursuit of the users through autorespondedores, Web bugs, messages by ricochet, the requests to annul the subscription, reads receipts, makes click in throughs-, etc These mechanisms can be used to measure the rates of open, positive or negative answers, and to correlate the sales with the commercialization.

The advertisers can generate to repeat reasonable business and of automatic form. The advertisers can arrive at a great number of email the subscribers who have chosen in (that is to say, their consent) to receive the communications by electronic mail on subjects of interest for them. More than half of the users of Internet to review or to send email in a normal day the specific types of interaction with the messages can trigger other messages that will be given automatically, or other events, such as the update of the profile of the adressee to indicate a category of specific interest. Alvaro Mendoza in his article stands out very well on the subject, in addition, that perhaps one of the most significant prerogatives is the ability to locate to a world-wide public with a minimum effort. It is certainly possible to locate to certain public with other types of traditional announcements like the television, the radio and printed mass media, but those announcements are not so effective to locate to the potential clients who can have around the world.


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