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Do not forget also about this concept, as adequacy of the text to your visitors. Actually, this is – the base from which to push off in the planning of a text content for the site. The rest – is only true as far as correctly guessed expectations of visitors. Before you order the content for the site, you must remember a few rules that need to be guided by this. The quality of content.

As the Internet and beyond, demand uses only qualitative information. Unwanted meaningless blocks of text, illiterate, written by some of the texts, materials, articles, unchanged wandering from one site to another – bleak, grim picture, which adversely affects the image of the resource. It could easily scare off visitors. But the main rule of the resource: it must be intended for people, not for search engines. Scares and 'unformatted' text. It would seem that simpler naskanirovat advertising leaflets, collect magazine articles, copy some text from other successful resource – and the site is ready. Alas, this approach has long been discredited.

A simple compilation of advertising texts, let They even praise to the skies for your products and services, in practice, does not work. Sites whose content is not even reduced to a single format, a seasoned Internet user knows at a glance. It is not hard to guess that the first sight is usually the last one. Act negatively and inaccurate data. Normal company, which wants to develop steadily, there is no need to inflate his image by deception.


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