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The four myths that stand between you and your sales … How to Write Successfully on the Internet? Are you thinking of writing to seek sales? If so, here is a good opportunity for you to expedite your mind and prepare your pencil. It’s time to Act Now … If you are writing on the Internet, there is a hard and fast rule that has to take into account: Write as you speak. So, forget the lessons of his Spanish teacher on the internet people read differently. Writing formal super and totally correct, stops people in their reading … and if they are not reading, they will not buy. If you are not convinced, visit Michael Chabon. Let’s look at the four myths of writing that you should throw away when you sit down to write the contents of your next article or newsletter: Myth # 1: The sentence structure has to be sophisticated.

Fact: The simple sentence structure are a standard in the Internet world. On the Internet, people want information – and wants, quickly, and are not willing to work your mind to crack. Keep your sentences short and easy to read. Avoid complex sentences grammar. On the Internet, these sentences can become their enemy. Remember you are not writing an academic thesis, or an address to request a government subsidy. You want your visitors are able to quickly grasp the main objective (capture the data for your newsletter or buy your product). Myth # 2: You have to be formal writing. Fact: You have to write so Real.


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