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It Requires Money To Earn Money

You often hear people say that money is required to have money, but this is not so true, nor is it required for a title University; i.e., formal education, this is evidenced because there are many people of success that dropped out of school or not concluded until you get your Bachelor’s degree, as Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford and Bill Gates, however developed successful businesses. Does not mean that having a college degree is not so important, it is not but for the traditional professions. Money does not make money, then what does the money or that is required, the answer is financial education, as well as a dream determination, discipline and willingness to learn quickly. Robert Kiyosaki presents an interesting approach in his book the dial of the flow of money, which indicates the ways of generating income or money, mentality, skills, educational shaped quadrants processes and classifies the types of people for each quadrant. How to make money varies depending upon whether one is employed, used Auto, owner of company or investor.

The good news is that everyone can generate income in any of four ways. Not interested in what they have learned in school, the essentials are our values, strengths, weaknesses and interests, because it is what influences decisions about how to generate revenue. Some want to be employees, other companies owning but not directed to others Yes, others want to invest and some a little bit of everything. Therefore, if we direccionamos our internal values we can be successful. People should not work for the money to be learned is to have money and people working for you. Money is important for the sustenance of life and to be free to do things that are important, as a time to spend with your loved ones, time and money to take care of your health, helping people who need it, create jobs and have the opportunity to travel with your family. People who want financial freedom, being owner of company and/or investor offers the best opportunities for success. You will deepen your perception to choose the Camino de vida financial best suited for you. Many of the skills are not taught in school, there are many books to succeed as an employee or employee auto, but very few to achieve true financial freedom as a business owner or investor.

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