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Famous Boris I – Hristo Botev – Vassil Levski – Valya Balkan – Vasily April – Hristo Stamboliyski – Dimcho Debelyanov – Bulgarian Veselin Topalov Language Countries Bulgaria> Turkey> Ukraine> Spain> Germany> USA> Greece> Moldova> United Kingdom> Argentina> Italy> Russia> Canada> Serbia> France> South Africa> Romania> Kazakhstan> Austria> Hungary> Czech Republic> United Arab Emirates> Australia> Sweden> Portugal> Netherlands> Ireland> New Zealand> Norway Summer, sun, relaxation … In current wave of a specific mood you want to continue the discussion of national allegiances in presentations, referring to the remarkable people – Bulgarians. As we know, Bulgaria is situated in the eastern part of Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe and bordered by the Black Sea. Golden beaches, ski resorts high-level, beautiful scenery, interesting traditions – all this attracts many tourists are and visitors. Maybe someone of you have traveled to Bulgaria on holiday regularly and has already managed to make friends with the locals. Maybe they've come to visit you? Then you have to worry about the question: what to give the indigenous Bulgarian? The first thing to remember, the Bulgarians to the present day cherish their national traditions. Symbol of the country – rose.

That's why it's my favorite flowers of any Bulgarian or Bulgarian. A bouquet of roses, for example, at a meeting at the airport – this is sign of respect for the country of Bulgaria and its representatives. Another symbol of the Bulgarian state – the golden sand. Not necessarily present a real sand of gold, you can replace it with an ordinary, slightly tint, for example.


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