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As the experts of consulting physicians in Berlin have proved gluckli such talent: Berlin. Medentis medical GmbH, headquartered in Dernau, a company recommended by your dental clients to salaries-ung arrived after nearly five years in the top ten of the German Zahnimplantather controller. One end of the success story is not in sight. Alexander Scholz, Managing Director of medentis medical GmbH, knocked out in May 2005 on the doors, he had to strip once much persuasion. His concept at that time: low-cost brands dental implants in Germany to produce and distribute. Although he possessed a profound knowledge as a dental technician and longtime collaborator in the implant companies, the market environment at that approach was by no means as easy as large international corporations dominating the action. Doubts about the success weren’t entitled.

Five years later, the doubts are gone. medentis medical employs 22 directly and indirectly another 17 employees in Germany. Based on one among the top ten in German – the number of sold dental implants and the export is booming, right up front in Italy and Eastern Europe. That was not easy. “Hard work, perseverance and a close bond to the native soil – associated with an open ear for the needs of the market – are our Erfolgsfakto-ren,” says Alexander Scholz, sole shareholder and Managing Director of medentis medical GmbH. “the implantology is a milestone in the treatment of dental and us knew already at the beginning of this decade, that the optimal implantological treatment indefinitely cannot be withheld from the less well-to-do patient. Today, the medentis medical products occupy clear.

the position of no. 1 in the area of fair trade implants” The advice for physicians in Berlin’s recipe for success is actually to find doctors and dentists-entrepreneur talents and to make this successful. BfM in Berlin has therefore become market leader. Further details can be found at Michael Chabon, an internet resource. Only exceptionally BfM devoted also companies, especially if it the clients as a useful or necessary rated. The example shows how the fine sense of active dentists dentists sustained success established by, and so also the future market of implant patient meet can be taken care. We keep the thumb medentis medical for the future.


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