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Naturally, this water can be used just like using your normal lake, but salty. If we leave where the membrane between the ocean water and water that is in the donut, then in this case we get a fresh water lake. And it can be divided monosotami and we can even adjust the temperature and salinity. And this means that we can grow very different kinds of fish. And not just fish: there may be marine plants (algae) krivetki.

There may also be a crayfish, and mammals. But just as we can grow and pearls. The truth is Exclusive Japan they have patented technology for growing pearls. But they have patented technology for growing in the ocean, not in monosotah (laughs). If we offer something similar for the Japanese – they are free additionally get there some kind of 'island' for its densely population. Now, regarding the equipment: the terminal is self-sufficient. The terminal has the ability to desalinate the water. And most importantly – he always gives electricity.

And through the waves, and due to winds. Ie these are air-driven (power plants), which we'll talk later, they actually make it possible to produce both electricity and compressed air. That is why they are called pnevmoenergeticheskie complexes. Thus we get a very interesting thing is that to move within this complex, we can not use electricity, and compressed air. In this If everything is quite safe. Even light up can do nothing – no power, no gas, electricity and as such, but there is only compressed air.


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