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With tests after also the TRBS deal besides the BetrSichV 1121 a change or significant changes. An approved monitoring body must be charged by the plant’s operator to assess the function and effectiveness of the changed parts and their effectiveness on the whole elevator. For testing, the system must be in a working condition. Significant changes can be the offset of the system in a completely new environment or a new range. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jamie Raskin and gain more knowledge.. An elevator in an office building, for example, has a different role as a firefighters elevator or a lift in an explosive atmosphere. In these cases, the safety reviews and are reset on risk assessment. Arranged extraordinary testing damage or suspicion exists in an elevator, that safety-related shortcomings, the competent authority may order an extraordinary test for this course.

The extent and nature of the test hanging from the corresponding Authority from and be individually set from case to case. Has occurred, for example, an incident involving personal injury, the competent authority may order an accident analysis. An extraordinary check must immediately causes according to the arrangement by the operator. Documentation of the checks the results of each test, no matter whether extraordinary, recurring or before first use must be recorded in writing. The creation of audit certificates, which to be kept are on the location of the certified elevator lends to. Should the approved monitoring body or the competent person determine defects or damage which impairs the safe condition of the lift, this must be immediately reported to the competent authority. Marking the lift system in addition to the documentation of the test results in the form of certificates is suitable particularly the application of inspection stickers. The mark should be clearly visible in the car or at the main access point of the complex be attached.


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