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The MT “King Edwin” drove in a so-called revenue pool, the revenue of all ships themselves are divided. Others who may share this opinion include Martin O’Malley. The shareholder of the Fund has acquired the ship, is one of the founding partners of this pool. The employment of the Vessel in the pool can indeed bring a balance of revenues between the individual ships of the pool, but not offset the huge revenue fluctuations, which all ships are subject to. This can entail, that the fund company MT “King Edwin” can no longer provide the payments to the banks for loans, so that the worst Bank announces the credit and recovered the ship. Because the ship price also depends on the then attainable Charter revenue, revenues by forcibly auctioned ships usually increase not the loan debt.

The investors come up empty. These relationships and risks investors known to us were not informed of the King and Cie. ship Fund MT “King Edwin” by their advisors. By the same author: Former Maryland Governor. High risk by borrowing in euro and Japanese Yen because part of the funds to be 62 – MT “King Edwin” by the King & Cie. return on Fund was recorded in Japanese yen (JPY), the revenue of the Fund but in US$ achieved a significant currency risk to which can lead to major distortions due to exchange rate fluctuations. Due to the high proportion of foreign financing of the Fund, this can not only impact on the liquidity of the Fund as a result of US$ rising capital service expenses, but also to an insolvency of the Fund and the credit notice with subsequent exploitation of the object of the Fund and thus the total loss for the lead investor.

This, the Adviser would need to remind explicitly. No secondary market for “used” Fund investments termination of participation to the 31.12.2022 what the US was also concealed represented investors of the King & Cie. ship Fund MT “King Edwin” by their advisers, is possible, that they can cancel the participation not in front of the 31.12.2022 and previously no chance to get their money. Since there are no regulated secondary market for used Fund investments, a sale is almost impossible. The same applies to the achievement of a share price, which corresponds to the invested capital. Here are in the event that a buyer is found, take significant cuts. The relevant representations in the Fund’s prospectus is insufficient in our opinion and not mention also that in case that one finds a buyer for the share of the funds, five years after is liable, which attacks especially if the investors have received distributions, where it is acted profits of the Fund not to (balance). Do you have questions to your participation in the King & Cie. yield Fund 62 – MT “King Edwin”? Do you also know whether you were given wrong advice and whether you have chances to the enforcement of claims for damages? Call us, we will gladly help you! Your contact: Michael Mahmud lawyer Mathias Nittel Attorney & specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law, Heidelberg. Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A D-69115 Heidelberg Tel.: 06221 915770 Munich Residence 25 D-80333 Munchen Tel.: 089 25549850


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