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Knitting Wool

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You'll need two skeins of "hostess" for 50g., Black and yellow. Wool is knitted into a circular (sleeve). We collect the chain in 1930 ce, closes it (the first and last air) connecting bars. 1ryad: knit column without trebles. 2ryad: elongated loop. 3ryad: knit column without nakida from each of the third loop of the base and 2-column without nakida = 40 loops. 4ryad: elongated loop.

5ryad: knit column without nakida from each of the fourth loop of the base and 2-column without nakida = 50 loops. 6ryad: elongated loop. All subsequent rows of knit alternating series-stacked without nakida, range-extended loop, the number of rows will depend on the length of washcloths. Finish similar to the top ranks of knitting, that is, in the penultimate row of columns without nakida, diminishes with the 4 th and 5 th bars = 40 loops, and in the last row of columns without nakida provyazyvaem along 3rd and 4 th bars = 30 petel.Posle number: elongated loops and one more number: Bars no trebles. End up with two the parties equally, knit row: a column with one double crochets, then added two and provyazyvaem together (soedenyaem) column without nakida = 15 loops. Then knit the handle necessary length, 5stolbikov without nakida 1955 series, and sew the second hand knitted stitches. The handle can be run separately, tie a strip of desired width and length, and then sew the knitted stitches.


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