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This system "Need – to work," the dialectical form of development, which is the individual human consciousness – a physiological process that ensures that the individual acquisition of knowledge about reality-based and Knowledge of the organizing activities of the individual, are designed to meet their needs. Human society as a whole, as well as individual states can be represented as a dialectical system of "individual – individual ", and various forms of deviation from equilibrium which is formed by all vnutriobschestvennye (social) contradictions. This interpersonal conflicts or individual, intergroup, class and interstate conflicts. It is clear that the system of "class – a class," "state – the state" are derived from forms of "the individual – the individual" because of association formed by individuals in the group classes and the state. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Author. Absolutely all acts of human activities are aimed at meeting the needs of that person. So, ultimately, all social conflicts arise over varying degrees meet the individuals, classes, nations, their needs, that a "struggle" having the nature of the comparison, the system "mine – not mine," may "struggle" of opposites systems: "the individual – the individual," "class – class "," state – the state. " And this "fight" may take the form of diverse conflicts – from the good-natured envy among individuals to hostilities between States. Ultimately, all social contradictions of the deviation from equilibrium of the "individualism – collectivism." Bearing in mind that these impulses are produced not only the individual consciousness, but also the social consciousness of classes, nations, States. Bernie Sanders may find this interesting as well.


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