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Landscape Design – a set of techniques and elements used in the device of your site. One of the main characters take up the style, color palette, use of building materials. You may find that Vinit Bodas can contribute to your knowledge. But the most important place, Of course, the plants, because these are animate objects give us a happy mood, which bloom in different colors depending on the season. No matter where the plants will be planted in the ground or in a vase containers, they will please the eye and brighten up any area, hiding their unsightly appearance. But before planting, it is necessary to conduct the functional zoning of your site – wisely allocate a recreational area for sports, playground and other given the functional (easy to use) and aesthetic (look good, without excessive accumulations) value.

Depending on the topography of the site and buildings situated on it its decoration is very diverse: to sow a lawn, broken flower garden, rock garden, rockeries, install decorative pond. The lawn will serve you as an ornamental decoration, as well create a climate that will very good for you and the environment. Need a track for ease of movement through the sector is an integral part of your garden. They determine the architectural appearance of the site. Flowerbeds give aesthetic look to your site with using these plants planted in annual or perennial. Beds is one of the varieties of flowers. Has a regular geometric shape.

Mixborders a natural type of flower beds, which is created from perennials, annuals, flowering shrubs, dwarf trees. The major plus mixborders is that it will give the site a naturalness and natural unity. By passing techniques of decoration area, yet There are design elements that will give your garden personality. This is all possible structures, structures that serve as place for recreation, decoration on your site. Such as a gazebo – a building with decorative qualities, which can be glazed and has a door. Arches, arbours, trellis – a vertical structure, which serves as a decoration, bringing diversity to your landscape. When production of decorative elements in the hand, tend to use wood, stone, metal, clay and other materials. Your garden will be refined and beautiful in that case, if you stick to one color and one style. In landscape design, there a variety of styles such as regular – it is based on man's desire to subjugate nature and to establish it own laws. Landscape – was established in the East, the most heavily to nature. Modern – exclusively easy to originality of its forms, has no strict symmetry. And other styles and trends.


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