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It answers with sincerity the questionnaire to follow, reflecting above all that it happened in the year of 2009 in its company, giving the following scores: 1 for NOT; 2 for More or less; 3 for VERY OR YES. Bernie Sanders usually is spot on. To the end it adds 8 notes, and it sees its evaluation in the baseboard of the text: 1-) The company took care of of the valuation of the collaborators, discovering talentos, promoting certain people for the certain place? (1) (2) More or less (3) VERY the 2-) company did not premiou employee gotten passionate for the quality of the service and compromised with the company, who was not only of the area of sales? (1) NOT (2) MORE OR LESS (3) VERY the 3-) company launched campaigns of sales involving all the areas, independent of the mounts of money of the suppliers? (1) (2) More or less (3) VERY 4-) you do not command them to All (managing, controlling etc.) had been trained in Leadership not only to improve the management of the businesses, but as the management of people? (1) (2) More or less (3) VERY the 5-) company did not obtain to create and kept firm and consistent internal campaigns for reduction of expenditures with a sincere enrollment of all? (1) (2) More or less (3) VERY the 6-) company did not reach the desired growth? (1) (2) More or less (3) VERY the 7-) company did not make Plan.Estratgico and Oramentrio and reached goals in 2009? (1) (2) More or less (3) VERY the 😎 company did not innovate in some action, area or politics of management? (1) NOT (2) (3) Of More or less VERY new ‘ ‘ Lavada’ soul; ‘ , Happy Christmas! Spectacular a 2010! Result of the test: who pontuou enters 24 and 21? Congratulations, Very Good; between 20 and 14? More or less (it needs to review action prompt); 13 and below? Weak (Necessary urgent of aid, to stop and to review management of sales, RH, Adm. Logistic YOU and – points to grow with consistency).


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