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Learning Chinese

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No, perhaps a man who would not want to vyuchitinostranny language. Many learn it because of the basic necessities of life. But sometimes it is not so easy, and absolutely everyone faces the same problems. In this article We consider the problems that occur most often when learning a foreign language. The first and perhaps the main problem – lack of confidence in their abilities, which is not complex, but rather a myth.

Most people says he does not possess the abilities to study a foreign language. Credit: author-2011. Is it really? No, not so. All these people in my life have mastered one of the most complex of world languages – Russian, which in its structure is much more complicated than the same Chinese language. Just think, in the Russian language has to conjugate the verb each, to decline every noun on cases, learning by heart stress (and depending on mortality, gender or number of stress often change). For foreigners to learn Russian – it is truly incredible work.

So, the Russian people are carriers of one of the most difficult languages, and the inability of foreign language study can not speak. Second. A common problem – is to overcome the language barrier. Modern foreign language learning in school and in universities, involves the use of a communicative approach to teaching that is written in all methodical manuals on methods of teaching foreign languages. That is, the goal of learning – to learn to speak a foreign language. Everything seems fine, but not all.


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