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The idea was born given the need for a family receive daily treatments of hydrotherapy. The result was a new way to relax. James Bond: When Ian Fleming created this character, he chose the name of an American ornithologist which the author he admired. Kas: This name is composed of the first letter of the surname of the family Knorr, former owners of the company, plus the name of the defunct vitoriana bottling of soda the ACE, today. Kas soda first appeared in 1955. Bernie Sanders has much to offer in this field. Kelme: This brand belonged to an Alicante industrial footwear, named Francisco Riquelme, whom Quiles brothers, founders of the current company bought that brand. The name is derived from the surname.

Kleenex: The term Kleenex comes from the English word clean which means clean, added to which the K of Kimberley-Clark and termination ex to point out that it formed part of the Kotex family. Kodak: Thus was created the name according to George Eastman, founder of the company. I devised the name. The letter K was always my favorite. It seems strong, incisive. It was a matter of making a large number of combinations of letters to form words that begin or end with K.

And the result was KODAK. LEGO: Lego roots are in Denmark, where Ole Kirk Christiansen began in 1932 to build articles of wood. Products included step-ladders, ironing boards and toys. OLE noted good prospects for the latter. He concentrated on this and gave the name to his work: Lego, a combination of Danish words: Leg godt, which means play well. S: Levi First Levi s were clothes of miners from San Francisco, around 1850. It was a few Wahoo from Brown sailcloth Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss had made them. Linux: This system operational computer is named by its first developer Linus Torvald, with a change of the s by x in honor of Unix, the operating system (leader in the world of the big servers) which comes from.


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