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Light One Life

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It enjoyed magnificent physical and mental health, he was leaving to run every morning, drank his fruity yogurt, and then a comforting shower was given to then exit to their work. In the movie of the life I had to interpret various roles. The father, husband, commissioned a fur and was extremely efficient in everything. Their schedules were strictly scheduled, he planned everything, birthdays, anniversaries, date of his commitment, and anything not forgot you. A beautiful late summer in your lunch hour decided to go to a restaurant other than that always went when he found that he had forgotten his cell phone in the Office.

With reluctance, he returned to look for him, by a street that had not seen ever, everything seemed strange had been couples kissing passionately recumbent a column, an old man sitting on a stool giving eat birds, a beggar approached him to ask him a few coins a world that for years had forgotten existed. More than about his busy schedule everything was useless and unknown to Santiago. 23 Years ago towards the same route, without questioning anything. Arriving at the neatly ordered Office, he felt insecure for the first time in his life. He sat in his apoltronado Chair and fell asleep. The stretcher from the hospital was uncomfortable, whole body ached, looked at his hands and they were parched and cracked by the fever.

Beside her had a window whereby small threads of light is getting, his swollen eyes barely they could open, everything was a blur, he felt the murmur of the nurses saying: there are few hours, we are going to let him see his family. It is an emotional coma. Against this diagnosis there is no reversing said. It felt like perspiration ran the body, without that I could do anything not to feel such discomfort. The cell phone rang, it was his 7 year old son had called to let know you I had a football game that would come later to his home, had aroused, because nothing was equal to Santiago. Life as had awakened from a coma affective.


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