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Little Russian

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In 1766, the destruction of Ekaterinoslav namesnichestva, Kremenchug Malorosiyskoy assigned to the province and in 1797 made povet city, and in 1802 the separation of malorosiyskoy province in Chernihiv and Poltava assigned to posledney.Na bank of the Dnieper to the west of the cathedral church of today – was in Kremenchug castle built probably Boplanom, surrounded by an earthen rampart and a moat. Near the shore there was a small fortress. The fortress was kind of an irregular polygon stretched to a length of 400 fathoms or pitched to the wine area (an area now located city park) and a maximum width of the cathedral square to the Dnieper, 180 yards, it contained a 30 acres of land. There were two churches, one of the iconostasis of the cathedral to be in the current church. There's also placed all present location and the house clerk, the other narrow-minded at home were outside the Fortress. Now almost gone from her nichego.Prisoedinenny to Kremenchug Posad Kryukov was originally settled by people from various places, inhabiting Novoserbiyu. With the establishment of Novoserbii Novorossiysk province in 1764, Hooks counted among them chief town of the province Elizavetgradskoy. If you rename the Novorossiysk province in Yekaterinoslav namesnichestvo, Kryukov Assigned to this namesnichestvu, and in 1796 August 28 imyannomu command numbered with the Kremenchug. At the end of 1798 when the Kremenchug separated by Little Russian provinces and Yekaterinoslav namesnichestvo destroyed, Kryukov assigned to Novorossiysk province, then in 1801 to Ekaterinoslav province, and June 23, 1803 imyannym decree commanded Posad Kryukov subordinate agency Kremenchug city police, leaving him in a trial and punishment according to Ekaterinoslav province.


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