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They are subject to distortion, filter, harmonic filter cleaning, chaotic harmonic rotation, reflection, creating echoes, various effects slowing down, etc. This list is very long, especially in connection with the appearance, various special computer programs designed to work in this area. I'm looking at the age of the city dating to the tonal and melodic device Goa trance tonality Altitudinal organization of Goa trance is centered around a single tone. This idea is related (perhaps accidentally) with the modal orientation of Indian classical music. However, sometimes a decrease, and tonality. Melodic psychedelic trance in the tracks of often rapid arpeggios of notes 16-32. Melodic unit often takes the form of short repetitive fragments, eventually changing the timbre with a filter, for example, to achieve a more quiet or more high-frequency sound of the fragment. Musical Instruments Instruments used goa trance musicians are similar to those used by musicians in other styles of electronic dance music.

However, some of them are specially recognized. Among the most preferred synthesizer analog (Roland TB-303, Syntechno TB-303, TBS-303, Roland SH-101) and the virtual, as they allow for the inclusion of fragments in real time. Virtual keyboards – a product of the computer era (one of the most popular – Reactor). The most frequently used sikvensery are computer programs. The most common of these are Cubase (Steinberg), Cakewalk – for Windows and Logic (Emagic) – for Macintosh. In addition, there are programs that are essentially virtual recording studios: Fruity Loops or Reason (Propellerheads), although they considered sufficiently disabled to write a professional Psytrance tracks.


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