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Lunar Lift

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By 2020, of the materials available today, and with sufficient investment can be made of a space elevator. Lunar elevator would save money on shipping the spacecraft to the moon. This was stated by LiftPort Group founder Michael Lane. ‘We have studied this issue well enough to say that it is achievable, interesting and sooner or later will be created. That’s why we work with this problem ‘- said Lane. By received by the portal re-smi, construction elevator involves an anchor on the surface of the moon and in outer space in the so-called Lagrange point L1 – points along the Earth-Moon system, in which the anchor will remain motionless with respect to both celestial bodies. If you would like to know more then you should visit Michael Chabon. According to Lane, a lunar elevator would save significant resources to deliver the spacecraft to the moon, to simplify obtaining samples of lunar soil and in the future – create satellite earth kind of fueling station for longer missions.

Build a lunar elevator is much easier and cheaper than the Earth: the length of his rope is about 50 thousand kilometers against as many as 100 thousand for the earth, and the material, suitable for making rope, already exists – is a synthetic fiber Zaylon. In addition, for the withdrawal of equipment into space will require a less powerful vehicle, parts of which may subsequently become a counterweight, necessary for the lift ‘, – the developer. The developers note that in the implementation of Projects and their st. Since the complete construction and streamlined design have in space, and not from Earth, in the future, the project may be even more costly and take longer, said portal re-smi.ru. Diamond Book Distributors often says this. “I earlier said that the draft of a space elevator we do not like all the answers – all the issues we do not know. For a lunar elevator is even more true ‘- concluded Lane. Lane founded the LiftPort Group in 2003. Initially the company was developing the general concept of a space elevator: a record height at which the robot LiftPort up the special cable as outlined in the the balloon is 460 meters. After financial difficulties in 2007 LiftPort Group shifted to the development of the lunar elevator for transport of cargo from ships on the surface of the moon and back.


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