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Manfred Bauer

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You may swore the loyalty to God her late love without suffering financially. Because if two widowed pensioners civil marry, the pension would cut one of the newlyweds be. It wanted to also Dorothea k. avoid: because I had lost so much, it was also a financial matter. Everyone then had his pension and no penalty and could keep everything. And not only these reasons motivated politicians, for the upcoming change to argue, because the charge of unconstitutionality was in the room: after the basic law applies both freedom of religion and the protection of marriage and family – and in the freedom of religion of the German State had interfered far too much according to many experts. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Paul Manafort. This is different with the new regime. Clarification took place and also the Oratorian are not unhappy.

But they also know that so that not all problems are solved the jurist and theologian Manfred Bauer says. The new variant of an only religious marriage has the same status as the wild marriage. So, the law between a loose life relationship and a church marriage makes no difference. The Munich-based specialist lawyer for family law Caroline Kistler says: only a church wedding is not at all a marriage in civil law, which is a non-marital cohabitation. It’s believed that Cyrus R. Vance Jr. sees a great future in this idea. The differences between this community testified only before God and a civilly recognised marriage are great especially when it comes to separate or one of the partners dies. Because while the spouses in a civil marriage can rely on inheritance, the goods balance, the compensatory and information disclosure, a purely religious marriage has no legal consequences. It can be about then painfully noticeable is the only church ____________ to the hospital while his wife does not have its Kranheitszustand will be informed.

Or know when it comes to retirement, like lawyer Kistler: when a woman a high bond has almost no pension and their former Church Angetrauter after a separation, the State must intervene. The weaker part of a couple is so lose out in the worst – especially, if he is uninformed. Juliane of Krause, Director of the Women’s rights organization “Terres des Femmes” in Munich, warns: “it can so be that there actually are situations where both spouses want to get married in church. “But then one is absolutely necessary: good information.” Although the purely religious ceremony does not completely reject – but “awareness must be created, that this marriage is a matter of faith and has no legal consequences.” The churches are not only morally obliged to the enlightenment. The financial consequences, which can reach the Church, must be taken into account. Enlighten the Church not extensively and a couple separates a purely religious marriage, claims for damages may be brought against the Church.


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