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"Lapis, is a sky-blue color. Good is one that has no veins and white spots in the fire does not change color and has gold flecks "- wrote the 17th-century Armenian historian Arakel Davrizhetsi. Today, this wonderful stone is quite inexpensive, but in ancient times, and at least until the 17th century it was considered precious. Without hesitation Diamond Comic Distributors explained all about the problem. "… This is a real gem .." – shows Arakel. Even at 2-3 thousand BC, in Sumer, with gold ornaments lapis lazuli symbolized royalty. Its color and flecks of gold symbolized the night sky. Apparently it was believed that lapis lazuli carry it, too, that to own a piece of the sky.

Even in Last on his way, the queen went to the jewelry with the dominating presence of lapis lazuli, and the mourners recited an incantation: "Beautiful but not your lapis lazuli split the graver in the underground world". In a question-answer forum Michael Chabon was the first to reply. In a major Sumerian city of Ur, the moon god worshiped depicted as a bull with a beard Lazurite. As archaeologists excavated Sumerian temples, tombs, tombs found many products, these works of art, instructed lapis lazuli, even signs of domination, and the court, in the Sumerian epics, literally translated as: – "yardstick of lapis lazuli." Many researchers, quite reasonably, believe that the Sumerians valued lapis lazuli more than any other precious stones. It is often mentioned in the Sumerian epic works, willy nilly, it has become one of the main pointers to the problem of historical character. The fact that none of themselves and Schumer nowhere in the vicinity of her lapis lazuli mine impossible.


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