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Marcus Zander Frank

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Frank Zander gives away a world novelty Frank rocks Zander, creator of cult hits such as “Here comes Kurt”, swings, celebrated or rapping for over 25 years by the show business. Now boasts a skilled graphic designer with a world premiere: the personal birthday DVD with a personalized movie for each birthday child. So also for GoldStar TV! The 10th anniversary of the station, Frank true Zander a birthday song. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steve Geppi on most websites. Dates: Goldstar TV (Super Goldies – Frank Zander special) on March 19, 2010 to 9: 00 pm Bayerischer Rundfunk BR 3 – stars & hits the celebrity show with Thorsten Otto on March 21, 2010 09:00 to 12:00 (3 hours Frank Zander special) interview with Frank Zander: Frank, you’re working for nearly 40 years in show business, got even the Federal cross of merit for your annual Christmas party for the homeless and became RTL chart show in the last year by the for your hits Oh”” “”, Susi “, here comes Kurt” the chicken dance “, I drink to your good Marie,” and many others to the most successful German Comedy singer of ever awarded. What have you now crazy thinking of? After the huge success with the personal birthday CD, which we sell since 1997 our company Handgebrannt, we wanted to invent something new, never-before-seen necessarily. Well, and we got the idea with the personal take home DVD. How does this birthday DVD? We have pondered forever as you lovingly personalized a film without too much technical bells and whistles and I think we succeeded. The video shows a birthday party preparation with all imaginable breakdown the small history.

In addition to the display and animation of the first name I really sing for each birthday child personally. Each video is unique. That sounds really amazing! Where and when to buy because your DVD? Actually we wanted to start last year, but there were many logistical and technical problems. Now we’ve done it, and we can get started now. Why not there the personal CDs and also the DVD from Handgebrannt in the trade? Well, we have the thoughts played, but since we actually produce a birthday song as a CD or DVD for almost any given name and any spelling, this has become impossible. At the end yet: what are the craziest first name, had been ordered?


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