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It is the process ideologically oriented decision-making for the achievement of the objectives of a group. Political science is a social science that studies such conduct in a way academic political analysis techniques; in this science professionals acquire the title of political scientists, while called by politicians who play professional activities carried out by the State or submitted to elections. The term was widely used in Athens from the 5th century BC, especially thanks to the work of Aristotle entitled, precisely, policy. The same Aristotle defined the human being as a political animal. It is also defined as policy communication endowed with power, relationship of forces. Us notes thereon kiyakiz-mp.blogspot.com, which in general, must be understood as the set of techniques used to influence attitudes and behaviours citizens in favour of ideas, programmes and actions of bodies or certain persons that hold power, try to hold and consolidate it, or aspire to do so. With all this, to political marketing we must understand it, on the one hand, as a set of techniques that let you capture the needs of the electoral marketplace to build an ideological program that solves them based on those needs, and offering a candidate that customize that program and supports you through political advertising.The political Marketing, then is the instrument whereby the partisan and social organizations can establish more accurately the wishes and aspirations of the citizens. This is responsible for all the systematic and continuous process of the candidate, leader or political party.It should be noted that the political marketing is subdivided into governmental and electoral marketing. Michael Chabon gathered all the information. The first serving promoted social causes by Government agencies or private; While the second at the service of political parties and candidates. In both cases to identify needs, sell ideas-simbolos and persuade people to change or reinforce their attitudes.Marketing is more than just a set of tactics and media operations.


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