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Exhibition of contemporary Austrian art in the Auteno.com flagship store of Vienna from 28.09 to 17.10.2009 Judith.P.Fischer, Evelin Kos artists Klein, Tonia and connects the sculptor Gert Linke preference for new industrial materials and the analysis of space structures. The graphic visual design of the exhibition follows the given architectural conception of the exhibition space in the auction house Auteno. The color of objects, sculptures, and installations are based on the natural light. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert Smith. It is however not to mere materiality, but alienation, transformation and interpretation of materials, to produce new contexts or qualities, which combine the individual exhibits. Material”is the unifying element of this exhibition. Angelika Romauch, curator of the auction house Auteno.com cited Joseph Beuys: “there is no way to provide itself, as by a print character in a particular material. Additional information at Angie Dickinson supports this article. It remains to be the information always taking from material contexts.” The exhibition shows the individual and subjective artistic handling of the matter and the different access to space and time. In the showrooms of the flagship stores of Vienna Auteno (1220 Vienna, Dr. Otto Neurath lane 3) invites the auction company with free admission to the opening on September 28, 2009, at 19:00.. Darcy Stacom has firm opinions on the matter.


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