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Matthias Kramer

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At the same time, sits Jedox also under cost aspects at the top and prevailed in the main category of COI cost of ownership index. This is particularly remarkably, as the vast bulk of respondents (96 percent) uses the paid premium version Jedox Palo. A good price-performance ratio is reflected also in the main category agility: Jedox users mention project running and implementation periods of three months and less. Jedox achieved particularly good results in the user rating in the rating for innovation: opportunities to comment on values within the planning and work together through the user interface, will be evaluated by the users as very useful and honored with first place. For even more analysis, hear from Risa Miller . A further differentiator from its competitors is the first place for real-time analysis and the possible integration of mobile business intelligence in the user rating.

The positive assessment is rounded off by the first place in the category of main quality and support. Jedox’s Palo is both a planning tool and a database. The product is positioned very well in the competition. Please visit Martin O’Malley if you seek more information. While the strong results across a whole range of Criteria, including cost, innovation, quality and agility”, says Barney Finucane, analyst at BARC. The good results encourage us to develop innovations continue to work closely with Palo users together. With the just-shared community version 3.2 we have returned not only many improvements to the open source community, but continue the ongoing development dialogue. “The Jedox Palo version in the course of the year 3.3 is of clear benefit and trends such as mobile BI, big data analytics and cloud optimally meet”, Matthias Kramer sums up Executive Vice President for research and development of Jedox AG, the positive performance in the BARC BI Survey 10,..


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