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Mayor Selim Carrasco

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Within the framework of the SEIA allude to irregularities to enable you to submit incomplete projects, which do not include the impacts of transmission line and not implement the additional protocol on resource water shared of the Treaty environment Argentina, requiring general plans of use (with the concurrence of both Nations) in the intervention of basins binational, such as cases of systems Lakes Buenos Aires-General Carrera-rio Baker and Lakes San Martin-o Higgins-rio Pascua. It also refers to agreements and contracts that the municipalities of Coyhaique, Aysen, Cochrane and O’Higgins have signed with HidroAysen and southern energy, receiving funds of these companies, in circumstances that are bodies with environmental competence and the responsibility of evaluating studies of firms that finance them. This violates the principle of independence, in addition to paid their mayors to clean the disputed image of these societies. Organizations question in addition to HidroAysen Icsara shipping before the end of the process of citizen participation, with which enterprises do not have any obligation to respond to people and point to the illegality of the Mayor Selim Carrasco’s unilateral decision not to submit the decision to the vote of the Corema based on regulation approved on June 23, 2008 session of the Agency. Invalid regulation to November 7 in that given year that newly November 25 was legalized by resolution exempt N 702. Finally, call to all of society, to the grassroots organizations, different peoples, religious denominations, students, inhabitants and settlers, neighbourhood groups, members of political parties, public officials, authorities, parliamentarians and citizens, not to be deceived, stay vigilant and on permanent alert of the proceed from our authorities in these days, and a express his open refusal if continue to commit the abuses to which we are subject.


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