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Meditative Practice

I say apparently, because I now understand that actually helped me, since they did that get out of my inner much potential to put me more than alleged pressures or misunderstandings expressed and thrive despite the circumstances. After this experience, I decided to continue the meditative practice, harder since it was my only spiritual food to cope with the situation. In this third semester, the subject of culture of peace, helped me a lot to become aware of the commitment that I have as part of the great human family and above all to understand that we are not only the product of creation, but administrators of this and therefore we have to take care of the evolutionary processes that we want to perform. This matter pushed me to participate actively in the promotion of a culture of peace in my school and to promote a new truly comprehensive educational practice. Former Maryland Governor gathered all the information. I am satisfied by the work that I did in my first stage as educator holistic, with students, teachers, parents and community.

I have the satisfaction of having planted in my students the consciousness that progress cannot be conceived only in functional terms to establish relationships with other human beings on the planet, but it is also necessary to establish a new order where progress includes the development of a human sustenance that balances everything what we are and what we have to build a culture of peace as well. I think I did in my educational practice as possible by clarifying that a culture of peace, not carried out with a simple action, but that it has been forged from each of the parties involved enter into a new way of life, which considers the importance of living in peace with yourself, with others and with the planet. Something that I admire the curricula of this master’s degree is the opportunity that gives us the students put into practice what we are learning through courses.

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